About Us

About Us

Who are we?

We are a platform where students reach on our portal, to know about the reviews of the websites. As we know, that students seek for educational help to score well in academics. So, whenever they seek for the academic help, firstly they have to search for the website, then they read about the terms and conditions and reviews of each website. This process is very time-consuming.
So, to save their time, we have designed a portal on which they can easily get an idea about the websites. So that after reviewing, they can choose the best one. We have provided a variety of services on our portal.
Assignmentservicerating.com will make sure that the students can collect all the information they are looking for. So, make sure that you read the reviews before taking help from the academic websites.

Student affiliation System

Assignmentservicerating.com aims to help the students and to offer them a platform where they can express their views. Students from different countries came to check the reviews of the websites. It’s an open platform for all the students, so that anyone can come and share their experience on our platform.

How it Works?

We understand that if the platform is not simple, it will be problematic for the users. So, keeping this in mind, we have designed a simple and easy to use platform by including the rating system. After looking at the ratings, the user can choose the best and trusted website. Ratings will be based on the two things, i.e. High Rating & Low Rating. If that particular website has high ratings, then it means that you can trust and rely on that particular website. If there is a low rating, it means that there is some problem in the performance of the company.
There are many factors on which you can rate the websites. Have a look on the factors mentioned below:
• Assignment Quality
• Customer Service
• On-Time Delivery
• Pricing
• After Sales
On the right side of the Rating system, we have also mentioned Pros & Cons of that particular website.

Benefits of using this site

It is basically for the students and by the students. It is an open platform, so by sharing their reviews, it can benefit other students. And if you are looking for the writing services then you can take help from here and choose the best site.