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This review is sent to us by a student from Imperial College Business College, Imperial College London reviewing and has also shared his experience about the importance of reviews. For more assistance you can take help from reviews Review – Can’t Be Trusted Anyhow!

It was about last fall, in the middle of the semester something wrong happened to me and for around a month it affected my personal life. The time was hard for me, and I couldn’t concentrate on my studies. It was later that I realised, I have lost a lot academically as my teacher gave us an assignment of Corporate Law. I didn’t know anything about that subject and because of which it was difficult for me to complete that assignment.

In Search Of Help…

I am a student of Imperial College London. All the students pursuing their higher studies from the UK would relate with me on this. Students have to submit assignments on time to get good grades in the internals. These assignments are what helps us cover 40% of the total score in the semester. If we fail to submit these assignments, teachers have got the full right to fail us in the internals which results in our total score being weak. So it is important for us to submit the assignments on time. Also, the quality of the assignment should be good as the grades or based on the quality of the assignment.

But I was confused. I lost all the hopes in the starting and was feeling depressed as it was looking impossible to score good marks in that semester. It was my cousin brother who told me about the assignment services that different websites provide nowadays. He suggested me to take help from these service providers for the completion of the assignments. The idea behind that was, I will be able to submit my assignments on time, and with that, I will have time to study for my exams. I was convinced with that and started searching for websites on the internet.

Believing reviews was a big mistake!

The internet got me muddled as there were so many options to choose from. Almost every site gave a guarantee of being the best in the market. I didn’t have any idea about the reliable one. On top of that, the submission date was in five days, so I didn’t have even a single second to waste. I selected this site named and started to study the website. Also started reviewing their reviews at Reviews.

Though it was difficult for me to understand the web page as nothing was given direct. Also, the loading time of the links was too much. They didn’t even mention all the subjects that they cover, and by having a look at their website, I failed to understand the services that they provide. So I thought of using their live chat option and asking them about the services that they provide. On their live chat, it was some girl named Kristi. I asked her about the services that they provide and whether they even cover the subject of which I need the assignment.

Big Lies!  :/

She told me that they cover everything. They have professionals and experts who cover everything academically. She added that the quality of their assignment is the highest and the prices that they quote are the lowest. Also, she said that they have good discounts which make the prices of the assignments affordable for students. She also asked me to read their Reviews on their portal.

She was convincing enough to make me order from them. I placed the order with a deadline of four days and kept one day to be on a safe side. Though I found the total amount of the assignment a bit heavy on my pocket. As I was using such service for the first time, I thought maybe this would be the lowest price. I made the payment and waited for its delivery.

Not Reliable at all!

They delivered the assignment on time, and I was happy with that. As I had one day left before the submission date, I thought of getting the assignment checked with one of my seniors. So I went to one of my senior friends. He reviewed the assignment and found problems in many solutions. I told him everything about the service I used for the assignment help, and he wasn’t shocked at all. He told me that, even he took help from an assignment service and suggested me to use their service from next time.

Now, I had the solution for all my future assignments, but that assignment was still a problem for me. As I didn’t have time to get it corrected I submitted the assignment to the teacher. My teacher gave me a “C” in that assignment. I was happy with that as I was afraid of getting failed. But the truth is, I did not find AssignmentDone reliable at all. The customer support team of the website is devious enough to convince anyone to rely on them. The quality of the assignment is worst, and their so called professional and expert writers are the dumbest in the world with poor knowledge. So, I will not suggest anyone to take their online help. Specially not to give the importance to their Reviews. Not a single thing is up to my expectation, they have mentioned on their portal of Reviews.

Assignment Quality


Customer Service


On Time Delivery




After Sales



  • Loading time of links was too much
  • Nothing was described clearly on the website
  • Poor content quality

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