Review- Unprofessional Team Review- Unprofessional Team

This review was sent to us by James Moriarty of The University of East London. We wanted to share this review with you. 

 A machine may make the work easier for us, but it can never be better than a human. After all, a Human is the one who made it!

If you don’t agree with it, you will after reading what AssignmentLand did to me. Review- Worst Service Providers!

My name is James Moriarty and I want to share Review with you. So, this is my story. I am an MBA student, currently pursuing my Master’s from The University of East London. It was about my second semester when I got sick. I suffered from viral fever and doctor recommended me complete bed rest till I am fine. I stood in my bed for almost a month because of which I missed a lot academically. reviews

All the time I stayed in my bed the only tension I had was related to my studies. I never failed even a single subject in my past life and had always managed to score well. But this time I found it difficult to maintain my reputation. As soon as I went back to my college, all my teachers were worried about the same. I got to know that I have already missed the submission of one assignment in each subject. So, now I had just two assignments in every subject to submit and improve my internal score.

Struggling With Assignments

But, because I missed a lot in the past one month, so I needed time to study the subjects to be able to prepare assignments on them. I went to my teachers and discussed the same with them. They told me that, they don’t have any problem in delaying the submission dates of my assignments, but it will have an adverse impact on my total score. Even they were right, if I would have spent much time on the submission of the assignments, then I might have lost a chance to study for my major examinations.

By this time it was evident to me that I will have to find some way in which I get time to study for my main examinations without delaying the submission of the assignments.

I had a friend who used to take help of assignment service providing websites to submit all of his assignments. So, I thought of taking help of the same. But, I never used such services before, so I was a little confused. But, no other thing striking my mind at that time, so I started searching for the websites on the internet. My next assignment submission deadline was in five days and though my teachers would have given me some extra time I wanted to submit the assignments on time to create a positive impression on my teachers. Finally, I decided to check out Review.

Reaching AssignmentLand for Help- My worst nightmare ever!

Way too Expensive

I finalised AssignmentLand for the service. I checked for the services that they provide. Though I didn’t see the exact subject I needed the assignment on, but I did see management assignment written in their services. So I was sure that they would be covering the subject. When I went to the price link, I found the rates a bit high but below they mentioned some discount as well. It said, 15% off for all of their first-time clients. So I thought of moving further and contacted them on their live chat option.

They replied to me within seconds at that time. I asked them about the subject, to which they replied that they got professionals from every field and they don’t have any problem in covering any of the subjects. So, I felt positive about the website and asked them to provide me with the best price. They quoted me an amount after applying the discount. I found it a little expensive but I had to submit the assignment on time, so I didn’t have any other choice but to order it. After paying the amount I gave them a deadline of three days to keep myself on the safe side and waited for it to get delivered.

I received the assignment by the end of the third day and looked into the assignment. Though I didn’t have much knowledge of the subject, I did find some mistakes in the language which I corrected myself and even texted them about it. Their customer care team asked to wait for the assignment to get checked and even told me that I would be astounded by the result.

Results not up to the expectations :/

So, I submitted the assignment and waited for it gets checked. The teacher checked the assignment and gave it back to us on the third day of the submission. The grade that I got in that assignment did not astound me, but it did shock me. I got a “C” in that assignment, and it felt as if all the money that I spent on that assignment got wasted.

By that time one thing was clear in mind that I would take help from any of the websites but not from AssignmentLand. They have been the worst. Their so-called professionals got zero standard knowledge. Only the people who respond on the live chat are the only ones good at their work, which is good at influencing clients. If you want to see it for yourself, then you can check out Review. I can only say, “AssignmentLand is the foulest!”

Assignment Quality


Customer Service


On Time Delivery




After Sales



  • By Luck!! On Time


  • Poor content quality
  • Way much expensive rates

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