Reviews- Experienced a downfall! Reviews- Experienced a downfall!

This AssignmentProvider review is sent to us by Tin jones of De Montfort University who is giving Reviews.

Want to get saved from the worst assignment service? Never go for Reviews- Don’t go for it!

My Introduction and Struggles

My name is Tin Jones and I am a student of De Montfort University and in this article, I want to share Reviews with you. I am a graduation student and currently pursuing Biomedical engineering. I would like to share my experience with the above-mentioned site. They trapped me with all their manipulations. I don’t want anyone else to get into the same situation. Being an engineering student, I know how difficult it is to prepare for the exams and manage to submit all the assignments on time, side by side.

Every student would agree with me when I say that, we need to take help from the assignment service providing websites. The submission of the assignments is mandatory, and with that, we need to study for our exams as well. Having said that, if we will concentrate only on submitting the assignments on time, then we may lose the chance to study for majors due to lack of time. On the other side, if we will focus on studying for end semester exams, we won’t be able to submit the assignments on time.

Real Face Of

So, I use assignment services to get my assignments made and submit them to my college. I have been using these services from past one year, and in the whole period of one year, I have used plenty of the websites including AssignmentProvider. Earlier I didn’t knew that what disaster i was dragging myself into but then I got to know the real reviews.

With the help of the service I got from AssignmentProvider, I came to know what disasters these websites can do. So, now I know how to judge these websites, and now I finally have a website which is providing me with the perfect service. It is that website which improved my grades, which were ruined by AssignmentProvider.

It was again the same story  :/

Not just once, but I took the service from AssignmentProvider twice, and they disappointed me every time. Earlier, I was new to this world of assignment service, so I use to keep exploring new websites for every assignment. Also, I thought if I keep on using new websites every time, my assignments won’t be in the same pattern. The teachers don’t consider copied assignments, and this was a great idea by that. But, I didn’t know that while taking help from different websites, someday I will come across a website which will put my whole career at risk.

 High Price Assignments!

I was looking for a service to give me an assignment in three days. While searching on the internet, I saw AssignmentProvider. So, I thought of trying it for that assignment. As I went to their web page, I wasn’t able to find the subjects that they cover in their assignments. But this wasn’t the first time that I saw a site like that; generally every site covers almost all the subjects. On top of that engineering, masters and PhD assignments are some of those topics which all the sites usually include.

So I went on to check for the prices of their work. Also, I saw that they had mentioned a discount of 20% on the total amount. So I filled the details required for the assignment and checked the price. It was showing an amount of around £300 after applying the discount. Though I have seen websites which show the total sum after using the discount, here they left it on their support team. The banner which said 20% discount had “live chat” written below the discount.

Contacted Customer Care

So, I contacted the customer care team on live chat. They had this girl named Sophia representing them. I told her that I needed an assignment on biotechnologies. Under which I gave them an option of making an assignment on either regenerative tissue growth or pharmaceutical drugs. She promised me that they would do it within the deadline of three days. When I asked her for discounts as I thought £300 was out of my budget. She gave me a discount of 20% on it.

I have seen many sites giving extra discounts on the already discounted amount to the customers who order for the first time. But, she said AssignmentProvider cannot provide discounts higher than this as they hire experienced professionals to write and execute their assignments. Also, she mentioned that they never compromise on the quality of the assignment.

True Reviews- Scammers!!

After talking to her I felt like, the assignment that I will receive will be of high quality and I will get at least an “A” on it. So I placed the order. I did not get any assignment by the morning of the third day. So, I texted them on the live chat and asked for it. They said, they will deliver it by the evening, and so they did. I went to the college next day and submitted my assignment.

Copied Assignments

Coincidently, one more student from my college used AssignmentProvider’s service for the same assignment. I got to know this by my professor , as he  said that the assignment is being copied and both the assignments are similar. That student and I were shocked, and we both reported it to AssignmentProvider. They told me that there would have been a mistake in sending the attachment and they will provide me with a new assignment within 24 hours without charging any amount. I requested my teacher to allow me to submit the assignment the next day. As I got the assignment I first checked it with that student and this time both the assignments were different, finally! :/

I submitted my assignment and felt relieved. My teacher gave me a “C” on that assignment. I was disappointed and again texted AssignmentProvider about it. I asked them about the so called experienced professionals they use, based on whom they were not giving an extra discount of even a single percent.


In the end, with the experience that I had with this website, I got to know that they don’t have any professionals to write their assignments. Instead, they use low-priced freelancers to write the content and put the career of students like us at stake. Trust me guys reviews which I am giving is 100% true. I don’t want some other student to feel the same disappointment as I felt. I don’t want you to get fooled by fake reviews, that’s why I am telling you from my own experience, that you will get doomed if you will choose this website for your assignments.

Assignment Quality


Customer Service


On Time Delivery




After Sales



  • Good chat support


  • Poor Assignment Quality
  • Never Meet the deadline
  • Pricing Issue

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