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In this article, a student named Roshal pursuing his masters from RMIT university, is sharing Reviews. Let’s see what he wants to say.

Entering into a college brings responsibilities

For students, entering in college is terrifying and an overwhelming experience. In short, it means a new life of connecting with peoples and try new things. When the classes starts, they start realizing that college life is also about struggles, challenges, great demands and sometimes broken expectations.

Everyday assignments and studying on same time makes students life even more exhausted. Working till late at night and getting up before sunrise and trying to complete every assignment within the deadline has turn their life into a mess. As there are many extracurricular activities in colleges which provide opportunities for students.

essayroo image Reviews- They messed up my life!

I am Roshal pursuing my masters from RMIT university, and being sportsperson very much interested in college activities. So, I decided to participate in basketball game as its one of my favorite. Then the practice started and due to the practice I was not able to attend the lectures and complete assignments on time. As, our team has won in basketball interstate championship. So have to practice hard for next level and got so much involved in practice that schedule has become even more hectic. My exams are going to start from next week and in between having my basketball team competition also.

So, somehow I was able to take time for the studies but not able to complete my assignments. It was very difficult for me to manage studies as well as assignments part. Assignments are equally important to score well in semester examinations. So, one day I was sharing my problem with one of my senior. He told me about the assignment websites. So, I started searching for them and came to know about

Fake promises

I told them about the guidelines of my assignment and they assured me that they will provide it within the deadline. But I was so shocked that I have not received my assignment on time. It seems that their all promises are fake. I have already mentioned that assignment should be minimum ten pages, but they have send only five pages and important questions were also missing. The customer team is also not responding and not picking up the call. If you want to take online assignment help then don’t choose There are many other sites, you can take help from those sites.

Assignment Quality


Customer Service


On Time Delivery




After Sales



  • Pricing is ok


  • Does not meet deadline
  • Low content quality
  • Poor customer servicing

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