reviews- Full of Disappointment! reviews- Full of Disappointment!

Struggles Of College Students

I always want students to get the best. In this article, I will be sharing Reviews with you. As we all know that students suffered a lot due to assignments at college time. They feel so burdened that they didn’t get time to enjoy their personal life. It became stressful for the students to complete the assignment according to their professor’s guidelines. Writing assignments is not everyone cup of tea, but some students are interested in writing assignments and some are not. In college you have to manage your time in a systematic way. You have to study as well as have to make assignments and at same time have to prepare for the college exams.

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My story regarding assignments

I am James from Columbia University. As, writing is not my hobby, so I don’t like writing assignments also. Most of the time, my friends used to help me in writing assignments. I am a volleyball player, so busy in practicing volleyball and didn’t get time to concentrate on studies and assignments. Our exams are about to start and I have not prepared anything. And for the first time we have to submit the assignment on the first day of semester exam. I don’t have any idea regarding the exam preparation and assignment submission. Somehow, I managed to complete the assignment of the subject and only one was left. I am having problem in one subject and not able to complete the assignment of that particular subject. I had a hectic schedule because at the same time have to study and also practice for my volleyball.

Choosing MyAssignmentHelp came out to be a Disaster

Finally, the exam time has arrived and have to submit the assignment within the given deadline. So, one of my friend suggested me about the online sites which provide help to the students in completing their assignments. So I searched for online assignment help sites. Then finally I choose MyAssignmentHelp for my assistance. As I was satisfied with the services and pricing structure they have mentioned on the portal. So, I contacted their customer team and told them about my submission date. They assured me that they will deliver my assignment before the given deadline, but they failed to do so. Reviews are not that good guys. I will never recommend it to anyone. Reviews- Not a good Site

I have faced many problems and not satisfied with their services. They told me that, they will provide discount but they didn’t. Even the quality of the assignment is not appropriate and they have not provided the assignment on the mentioned date. So, I will not recommend to anyone as they do fake promises and provide poor quality of the assignment.

Assignment Quality


Customer Service


On Time Delivery




After Sales



  • Polite customer service
  • Good payment system


  • Missed Deadlines
  • Poor Response Time

2 Replies to “ reviews- Full of Disappointment!”

  1. Liars! Tricks! Paid $152 to have a paper finished in 20 days. The due date passed, no writing. Was misled and let it know would be done the next morning, once more, no paper. Everybody I reached lied! The two journalists lied and client benefit rested. Try not to squander your chance or cash with this organization; they are an entire joke.

  2. Spam website!! I paid $60 for an essay. They gave me an absolute bull$#*! of an excuse essay that was obviously copied & pasted from somewhere, the assignment was all wrong, multiple times they tried “redoing” it but it was still the same. I asked for a refund but they refused. I did not give them any of my personal details (i suggest you dont either) & they said they tried to call me which after reading so many reviews I’m glad they couldn’t contact me. They have resorted to threatening me with telling my university about my work being plagiarised (even though i ended up doing the assignment & losing marks for late submission). I’m still in the process of trying to get my money back. $60 goes a long way for a student!!!

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