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This review is sent to us by a student from Institute of the Education University of Cambridge reviewing reviews. Reviews- Don’t trust

Help4assignment is promoting themselves with a unique idea.

They are talking about their feature of being available round the clock, but even that is not different from other websites, as today almost every web portal in this line is giving the same feature.After reading their reviews somehow I got convinced and contacted them. As there are many websites offering the same.

Other websites to promise of being available 24*7 for taking the orders and being there for solving queries of their customers and meeting their needs.

Other than that, they even get their assignments written mostly by freelancers and most of their writers are just basic degree holders, who cannot be called as professionals or experts in writing.


They are known for not meeting up the deadlines most of the time, but they do mention it in their every promotional activity, that they can deliver the content over-night.

The content written on their webpage is poor and would definitely make you question their writing skills.

But the company also gives the guarantee of their content being plagiarism free and their customer service department works 24*7.

This was a brief on what we will be elaborating below, under different sub heads.

Webpage based 

The webpage of help4assignment contains positive as well as negative things, as it looks attractive and they even have a video explaining a lot about the features that they have and what all can the customer expect and enjoy if thinking of using their services.

But on the other side, it becomes hard for anyone to explore what services they provide.

Services are the most important part of any website, as that tells a lot about the website and let the people visiting the site have knowledge about what they can order on the site.

Not just that but, the price calculator this is using is helpful and easy to use but does not look professional at all, it’s as if they had to put something because every other site has one so they bought the cheapest one.

The content written on their webpage is with very poor English, which makes me doubt on the material they will be provided.

Also they expect the customers to scrawl down to get information on the details of their website, which leads to wastage of time of the visitors.

Service based 

The services that they are providing are limited to a certain extent. So, there is no doubt that they are promising to deliver a good lot of services.

As when we search for a particular subject and cannot find it on the site, we have to search for other sites on the internet which become a difficult task in itself.

Time is one of the most important thing in everyone life. Being a student we need to submit assignments within the deadline which our professors asks us to submit.

But if we’ll be wasting our time on searching for sites. Then when will we submit the assignments.

The worst thing happens when the sites mentioned in the information defining their services. As, they cover all subjects but they don’t and it ends up wasting our time.

Price based

A student always looks for good and affordable rates which this site is not giving.

It’s as if, sites are trying to manipulate students by keeping the prices high. On their promotional activities they mention a point. That they don’t have low price rates because they higher experts and professionals to write their content.

But when we know that they get most of their work done through freelancers. And they don’t even hold a Ph.D. or master’s degree. So, how can we ever trust them being expert at what they will write for us.

I have seen many other sites for e.g. There are many others who are giving better content rate, allow me to quote the actual prices.

If you are thinking of ordering 20 pages which contain 5000 words. But help4assignment will give that for 367 GBP.  Whereas allassignmenthelp will provide the same for 260 GBP only with a guarantee of content being better than everyone else in UK.

That is not all, if you want to deliver the assignment overnight. Then they will provide the service, but there is a major limitation to that. They don’t give the option to order more than 8 pages which includes 2000 words.

A limitations like these are not acceptable and on top of that, the price of that assignment will cost somewhere around 200GBP, whereas allassignmenthelp provides the same in 160GBP.

Also, they don’t even have any limitations in particular to the pages or words if the deadline is 24 hours.

Discount based 

The discounts are some of the deals which attract students a lot.

help4assignment doesn’t have any discount on the deals that they are giving to the customers. They use the excuse of having the price according to the experts they use for content writing.

Keeping in mind what I mentioned above. There are many of their writings have been fluffy and overly wordy which cannot be a professional’s or an expert’s work. And many of the reviews has given the reality of their content being written by freelancers and not the professionals.

Connectivity based

Connectivity is not limited only till the time of placing the order. It even continues till the order hasn’t been delivered.  So that the needed material could be improvised according to the order placer’s need.

It has been noticed that the writers don’t connect with the clients. They don’t reply that frequently, which always create a wrong impression on the service taker.


In conclusion, I would like to say that there are more of negativities than positivities. They cannot be ignored as the negatives have been things not to be compromised on. It would be more realistic to say that they don’t fullfil the requirements mentioned on the reviews.

 Hope that this review will at least save you some time.

Thank You.

Assignment Quality


Customer Service


On Time Delivery




After Sales



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  • Plagiarized work
  • Deadline problems

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