Review- Don’t Waste Your Time Review- Don’t Waste Your Time

This review is sent to us from the University of London Reviewing on and the story about their Review. Review- Unprofessional Work

When we look for getting our assignments done from assignment help online which are dealing in that field, we always think of taking help from sites which say zero plagiarism.

But what if I tell you, they just spin the content. is one of those sites which can never be trusted in that matter. Even the reviews they have mentioned on their portal Review are fake.

They just spin the stuff taken from other websites, by just changing some of the words in the content so that it doesn’t show negative results when checked for plagiarism.

Their content looks as if it’s given to a child and asked to apply thesaurus on it.

This is a brief of the whole review.

Let’s start the review based on some basic points that can define the positives and the negatives of the whole website.


Webpage based

A weak webpage, as nothing is explained nicely.

A webpage is the root of every site because it explains everything about the website and if the webpage won’t give information about the services, etc. then what’s the point.

Giving details about the writers and assignment expert but not telling anything about the services and the price list of the assignments dealing in, doesn’t give a positive response to any user.

The content written on the webpage builds trust in the mind of the service users, and if the content on the site is not with good language, how will the user trust the website before ordering.

Service based

The services that the website can provide are not defined properly.

We would need to contact them to know whether the services that we need are available with them or not.

The company is new and not that big, so they might happen to have a limited number of services available to them, but they should at least give the information about the services that they deal in.

Which are:

  • Assignment help
  • MBA help
  • Programming help
  • Case study help
  • Essay help
  • Dissertation help
  • Coursework
  • Homework help

Now under these headings, they haven’t specified many details about the services that they will be able to provide. The process of checking the ratings of the site help you in many ways. So, i started reading the experience of client’s on the Review page.

We may have to contact them to know the details about the work that we need them to do.

Price and Quality based

The prices haven’t been specified on the website, they ask us to fill up a form and by that form, quotes the price for the content by themselves.

Till the time you won’t be specifying the details of the type and details of the content that you want them to deliver, you will never get to know what exactly the price would be.

So, there is no list for estimating or comparing the price of the work.

With all that the quality of the content, as I have mentioned earlier is poor, and most of the time they just apply thesaurus to already used content and spin the same content while delivering it to us.

Discount based review:

There are no banners or anything mentioned on the site related to discounts.

There are no discounts on any of the deal.

So basically price related issues are very big concerning this assignment help online, as there is nothing to even have an idea of how much will it cost us to order on this website till the time we don’t fill the form mentioning the details about what we need to order.


In conclusion, I would say it is hard to trust a site indulged in delivering the spin content.

If you need to submit the content directly to your professors or teachers, you should look for a better site than this, because if you deliver their given assignment directly, the professor will get to know that you didn’t do it.

If you ever tried to take your money back from them, you will never be able to do that.

You cannot evoke the distance selling laws because they use Hidemyass VPN services to mask their true identity.

Hope this review will help you in some way.

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